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Art 21 Presentation -- Natalia Almada

Natalia Almada What are some qualities and manifestations of violence? Silence Fear Pain Dehumanizing Clothing industry War Domestic violence Bureaucracy Making food There are some artists who depict graphic violence in their art, but those displays would not be appropriate in public schools. How can we explore violence or address issues of violence in our art without being too graphic? "Empowering" portraits of victims of violence Other good ideas that I can't remember now. :) My response: Natalia Almada mentions in the video that her mother became afraid of water after the death of her sister. The character in her film is also afraid of the water. She says how she wonders what could open a wound such as that in a person and she wanted to explore that in her film. For my art response, I wanted to go off of her idea of opening a wound. I have an anxiety disorder and it is really painful for me to talk about and it makes certain experiences painful for me. Often, I am not able to look at some art because something about it triggers a panic (for example, the art of Julie Mehretu). I decided to challenge myself to make a work of art that bothers my anxiety. Because I knew it was going to bother me, I couldn't bring myself to even begin working on the project and I had to have my husband start it for me. He drew some basic shapes and I went off of that. This is what I came up with:

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