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Are You Book Enough?

I recently found out about the "Are You Book Enough?" challenge on Instagram, hosted by Editions Studio. Each month, the challenge is to make a book that fits the month's theme. The theme for this month was "tiny." I first made a small leather long-stitch book, mostly just to learn the stitch. But a little while after, I decided that I wanted to go smaller for the challenge. So, I made these tiny book earrings. I had a bunch of scraps from making my bigger books and I decided to see if I could make a book with them. I went as small as I thought I could go, resulting in a book about 1/2-inch square. Then, because the book was so small and adorable, I thought they would make good earrings for book geeks like me. So, I made a matching pair and turned them into earrings. It was definitely challenging to work so small, and it didn't go much faster than making a full-size book, but I loved it so much that I think I'm going to make more of them. The best part? They are functional books, so they can actually be opened and written in.

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